Monday, December 12, 2016

Woman love a big bulge!

Just a viual of how great, my bulge improved. You can notice how pronounced the curve sticks out. What u guys think?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

What im proud of is definition in my head and fuller cock.

If you look closely in the last post you can see the definition in my head and how it curves and hangs more prominent. Each step along the way is a focused effort. What I've been working on is eliminating the curve on the left side of my cock and making my head more prominent as you can see in both photos. So what do you guys think I hate that no one asks questions or comments it's a little discouraging. OK enough for now just wanted to add that update to the photo.

Im happy with my progress

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Here's a little motivation. Growth is a long process and the key is to enjoy the journey!
That special person in your life whether male or female will be able to FEEL the growth in your cock. And your confidence will skyrocket as your bulge /print become more prominent.  On another post ill write on picking the right underwear and pants for every occasion.